To build a small kitchen – tricks and solutions

To build a small kitchen – tricks and solutions.In most apartments the kitchen is a small, even a small room. It is therefore important to know how to make it cozy and functional space for cooking and acceptance.

If the kitchen is less than 7 square meters.

Is it possible to make it comfortable and functional? To a small room with lockers, a stove and a dining table could meet all the needs.

Option 1 – ergonomics

If the housing Studio, the window in the kitchen. Dining table set in the corner near him, so there’s more room under the kitchen. If the countertop against the wall, standing close to the door, you can cut off the corner to ease the passage. The sink can be set corner type. Plate to put in the corner of the kitchen, measure 40cm space with two sides of it.

Option 2 – emphasis on functionality

The first option features a new element – a washing machine. You can install it under one of the tops, before you buy carefully measuring the space. Thus, the surface will also be used. In the corner of the kitchen most remote from the stove and closer to the front door.

Option 3 – large company

If the house often come to visit or need space for a large family, you can maximize space by using direct kitchen plate rack to move to the right. So more space for table and chairs.

4 option – a greater working area

This is the opposite of the previous option when you need more space for the kitchen and less in the dining area. Perhaps the desire of the owners to install a countertop, corner rack. You can watch table for smaller dining meals.

5 option – comfort and convenience

A small family of three people, they will suit dining table set in the corner. So for kitchen counter will have more space. Plate to move away to the right wall.

The modern furniture market offers many options for decorating small kitchens. At least, if not pick up in shops and markets need, you can order the furniture in size and the interior is what you want. For the price it will be more expensive, but the kitchen will turn out exactly the way you want.