The article tells about how protected your home from negative energy our ancestors

The article tells about how protected your home from negative energy our ancestors.Admit it, from their own homes each of us waiting, above all, protection – this is where we take refuge from the weather, from bad people and bad thoughts. The house is a private, non-petition and therefore offers here no way. And hardly anyone ever thought about the fact that the house itself needs to be protected from many factors – from negative energy, from human error, as well as from many other bad dark forces of which we are often not even aware. By the way when you have finished the repairs in the house preferably in time to organize the removal of debris experienced company. such as Landmen.

In order to understand how our house is and what role it plays in our life, it is enough to imagine that it duplicates in miniature the external world, our mikrookruzheniya. It is a system of many well-working arrangements, which should be regularly monitored and corrected if something went wrong.

Speaking about a person ’s a good host” or “bad master”, we don’t so much appreciate his qualities, how mean some talent to feel all the homework problems and fix them. A good host is a kind of talent that a person is awarded at birth. The house of a man happy and make happy everyone who lives in it. And the people at all times aspired to set up your home most correct and comfortable. The ancient Slavs believed that the house is concentrated all the power of the family, genus, and therefore all modern festive rituals that we perceive today are just as cute holiday traditions, had great importance in the formation of this very home world.

The most obvious example: the house was involved in any family event, be it wedding or funeral, matchmaking or New year. That is why the attributes of each of these holidays is decorating the walls, the decoration of houses and the preparation of certain of the interior. And even those activities that were conducted outside the home definitely had its continuation in the home would bring some other attributes of the holiday.

Its natural instinct the owner of the house was determined, what is the value of each angle in the house, and how to maintain it harmony and homely way. In a modern house only a few owners understand which corner should be placed “Babi Kut”, that is, the place which hosts the woman – the kitchen is, where is “Krasny Kut”, that is the place where icons or shrines: in this place in the house joins the heavenly energy. Now there are many different teachings about how to arrange their own housing. Fashion brings us gradually to our roots – modern Studio apartments are merely a reflection of the ancient device at home: one room, in which every corner is reserved for certain classes – for cooking, for prayer, for sleeping and for work, and in the center, usually located the table where the whole family gathered together. Dividing one large room into parts, rooms, partitions and walls, as a rule, the ancient owners tried to avoid, because walls and partitions prevented the free movement of energy in housing.

Humans are closely related to wood, and this concerns not only the material of the furniture in the house, but those trees that grow near the house. So, for example, never planted near the house spruce, because since ancient times it was believed that this tree souls of dead ancestors, and if the tree is growing close to home, they ’s name is” to itself the master of the house, which can lead to severe disease and death. It is best to have the house to plant a Rowan tree, as this tree gives evil spirits to get close to the house, drives away.

Incidentally, carved trim on the Windows in old houses, and the abundance of carved wooden jewelry is not just a design element: it is protecting, guarding the house from negative energy. Same about the role played and the inverted pots and cans on the fence around the house – they are “caught” unclean, although carried purely practical function – dried and sterilized in the sun.

Interestingly, most will associated with house – not to whistle in the room, not to leave on the night of garbage, not to transmit anything over the threshold – was once their sacred significance. However, their sense of time was lost, and they were to accompany our life as pleasant remnants of the distant past. And most of us follow them subconsciously, not daring to violate the orders of distant ancestors.