Staplers for upholstery

Staplers for upholsteryFurniture stapler (skobozabivnoy gun) are an indispensable tool of upholsterer, is mainly for fixing upholstery to the frame, but can also be used for attaching the foam, hardboard, cardboard and other sheet materials. As the fixing material for the upholstery staples are used, but the mounting cardboard, plywood or timber may be made as pins and nails. For upholstery use the following types of staplers:


Mechanical manual stapler is convenient to nail the ad on the stand, fasten in place with Velcro, re-install on a rigid base loose furniture button. that is, apply a small amount of work, but for daily professional upholstery it hardly fits. Upholster mechanical scootababy gun large amounts is hard enough, no wonder the furniture makers called mechanical stapler “chest expander”. Upholster of course they can, but for driving each of the cramp with the effort of pushing on the handle, so this type of staplers as the main tool of the upholsterer is almost never used. Mechanical stapler differs from other types of low price, reliability and ease of use, but the number of goals scored in brackets in the moment leaves much to be desired. If the rate is not important, it is ideal for infrequent home use.


Electric is more convenient, it is suitable for professional banners furniture in a domestic environment. In most models there is adjustment of the strength and depth of impact, which is not in the pneumatic staplers. Of the shortcomings can be noted a higher moodiness, especially the cheap Chinese models and pneumatic relatively low rate, averaging from 20 to 30 straps per minute. Manufacturer’s recommended rate, it is advisable not to exceed, when operating in high speed mode greatly increases the wear. In addition to the models, operating from a network, there are electric staplers, battery-powered. Wide dissemination rechargeable staplers are not obtained because of the high prices, comparable to the combination of a pneumatic portable stapler and compressor. Electric models are often used by professional furniture makers, but the real professional is the next type.