Recommendations to patients suffering from vertigo: how to equip the life

Recommendations to patients suffering from vertigo: how to equip the lifeProfessor in the Department of ENT-diseases of the 1st MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov MD doctor of the highest category ENT-otoneurology

Dizziness is a widespread pathological condition in which there is an illusory sense of rotation, rocking, other movement of the surrounding objects or the patient relative to the environment. Dizziness and the accompanying instability, loss of coordination, anxiety and fear negatively affect domestic and professional sphere of life. The causes, the duration, the nature of the course of diseases involving vertigo, prices are very variable, so you need timely access to a physician (preferably otoneurology) for diagnosis and necessary treatment.

The most important component of preventive and rehabilitation measures for patients suffering from dizziness, violations of statics and coordination – compliance with the rules of a General nature, rational improvement of their life.

Strictly follow the doctor’s appointments for medication!

Violation of the regime and treatment regimens (duration, dosage, frequency of administration of the drug) reduce the effectiveness of therapy.

Avoid precipitating factors . stay in a stuffy, poorly ventilated room, drinking alcohol, Smoking, overeating, visual and acoustic load, overwork, stress.

Use the tools and items that facilitate everyday life, allow you to perform the usual duties around the house, give the opportunity to get rid of assistance, comfort and safety, help to cope with the disease .

Comfortable, durable furniture that can serve as a support while moving around the room, blinds on the Windows, nice for Your perception of the colors of the room.