Pricing furniture

Pricing furnitureWhat is included in the price of any commodity? On the one hand, you have to ask such a question, he will answer, not necessarily correct, of course. But for adults, especially for those who in the school was not compulsory to attend classes on Economics, this issue will be difficult. If you are interested, we are going to tell you now. And for convenience we take specific things – living rooms, wardrobes, chairs, tables. In General, the products of furniture factories. For example, a furniture factory living room . One of the bestselling ” wooden” products. First, who sets the price, is the manufacturer of the materials that will later use a furniture factory . Unfortunately, often the individual parts, especially furniture, are very expensive that initially causes the high price of a given item, even if the production itself will be the most cost-effective. The second paragraph, which makes the price of the furniture – its production. This includes salaries and wages for the designer who invented this living room, and bills for electricity, which will expose the relevant companies and much more. This is followed by the appetite of the owner of a furniture factory. For clarity, let’s call it “ furniture factory Perm “. This is followed by the cost of shipping cargo from one ’ s furniture factory Perm ” to the wholesale warehouse, and sometimes immediately retailer.

Then the product gets into the hands of a final or secondary buyers. So, what could be saved of this furniture factory, how to optimize this process, to living this enterprise sold better at a lower than the competitors price? We – furniture factory Vita-Furniture, thought about it one day. Because all the links of this chain binding – we cannot simultaneously produce materials for furniture, and to create it, and to sell themselves. We have resolved this issue as follows. Production of standard furniture in large wholesale quantities, reduces the costs of reconfiguration of equipment, creation of new sketches and drawings ( the work of the designer, fashion designer), and sometimes on the retraining of workers. Our appetites are reduced to a minimum – after all, we understand, to work around the same furniture factory in Krasnoyarsk . of which there are quite a large number, it is necessary to regulate their desires of big money and the needs of the population in cheap but quality furniture. We also undertake the work of the wholesale transport of goods. Moreover, the transport of these we make from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk – almost the entire territory of Russia. Thus, we tried to reduce the price of its product, which we do really well without marriage and shortcomings. Bought our furniture will stand you have a very, very long time. Try to purchase furniture from us at least once, you are unlikely to decide to whose benefit the services in the future. And it is these long-term partner relationship of trust and interest us.