How to build a terrarium

How to build a terrariumThe lack of contact with nature man is trying to compensate, shifting its particles in your home. What different animals do not contain in their apartments for the nature: harmless from rodents to bloodthirsty crocodiles. Some dare to get in the house and amphibians and even reptiles fauna, for example, snakes. “To think that – whispering neighbors, a snake in the house!” But as they say, the heart wants! And now a columnist for “My Beast” explores existing opportunities to build and equip an exotic petting zoo in an ordinary apartment.

Well decorated terrarium can be a real adornment of the human dwellings. The type, size and shape of the cage depends on the characteristics of the animal that you plan to include.

Horizontal terrariums are best for turtles, and cubic terrariums are designed for snakes. Terrariums vertical shape optimal for various lizards and other creatures, accustomed to living in the trees.

A place to put the terrarium must be chosen in bright, but at the same time excluding the direct sunlight. Another worst enemy terrarium is a draft. Observing these conditions, you will save exotic Pets from overheating in summer, and in winter from the cold.

If your love for amphibians and reptiles so boundless that the objects of this love can’t even fit in one terrarium, and in your house there are several, you should not put these “dragon houses” next to each other. In the case of penetration of an infection in one of the terrariums, it can easily spread to neighboring.

What made terrariums? Typically as materials for terrarium construction choose glass, wood, and polyvinyl chloride. Plexiglass seemingly more durable, unfortunately, is impractical, because it is susceptible to small scratches, which becomes cloudy and less transparent. And depending on its design, a terrarium can be framed or frameless.

In almost any pet store you can buy a simple (one-piece) aquarium (it will cost 200-300 rubles) and independently arrange it as a terrarium. Real equipped terrarium will cost much more, the price may reach 20 thousand rubles.

Regardless of what the animal is kept in a terrarium, it must have:

– the light source;

system maintain a constant temperature and monitoring (in the extreme case, you can purchase a simple aquarium thermometer and monitor it yourself);

– ventilation system, provide water and maintain moisture;

– the shelter (house) for the animal;

the source of ultraviolet rays.

All technical equipment in the cage should be located so as to more fully meet its purpose, to be safe for human and animal readily accessible for replacement and repair and not to interfere with the care of the pet.

Technical elements, including the wiring, should be isolated from living space and held in the back wall of the terrarium. In addition, the room where dwelleth the beast, be sure to check for the absence of large and small cracks and other gaps, to avoid the possibility of escape or draft.

Don’t skimp on the lighting, which to some extent affects the development of the animal, but keep in mind that for each animal require special lighting.

The range of pet stores have special lighting (price from 160 to 900 rubles). You can use regular fluorescent lamps which are best mounted on the ceiling of the cage, wearing a special hood lamp, or put behind glass outside the reach of the occupant of the cage.

To heat used household incandescent lamps, electric fire. They also need to heat the swimming pool inside the terrarium.

Important and ventilation, as in the terrarium should not be stagnant air. Here you will need an “exhaust” fan. And yet-the air compressor and spray gun.

If you decide to get a reptile pet, such as a turtle that lives on land and in the water, you will need a so-called vivariums (aquarium with Islands sushi).

Good “imbedded” in the soil is very shallow “bath”, covered it with pieces of bark to animal easy it was chosen and dragged to the trash in the water. It is desirable to use to defend the water and change it daily.

The arrangement of burrows or other shelter is also not easy, because you need to create a habitat for your pet as close to real life.

Artificial shelters available in a wide range in pet stores, from a wooden snags (200-850 rubles) and different grottoes (from 150 rubles) to castles and sunken ships. The fit and inverted half flower pots.

Pick a shelter for your pet according to its size: it should not be too spacious, as the animal feels safe only when the body feels the walls of the hole.

Planting a terrarium large number of plants is not necessary, although Jivya flora in reasonable quantities necessary for many animals it is a refuge and creates a favorable microclimate.

Only lizards and snakes better not to plant some trees in the cage at all, because still your plantings will be broken. In a pinch, use artificial plants or decorative Wallpaper (150 – 300 rubles). Choose plants without thorns and “cutting” leaves that can injure the inhabitants of the terrarium.

And choosing the ground, keep in mind that it needs to contribute to the improvement of the hygienic condition of the premises, absorbing liquid faeces, and to maintain the humidity level. The main problem is that it needs a good “hold water”, but not to dirty animal! So better to give preference to a mixture of peat, sand, earth and moss, or a mixture of small stones.

In commercially available decorative artificial soil, for example, in the form of plastic beads, shells, however, he, as experience shows, are less suitable because they do not absorb moisture.

If you have got yourself a snake, among other things you will need special equipment: hook, scoop, bag, gloves, spritz the box, brushes, clamps and fixation of the stick. You could buy or use existing in house “means at hand”.