Guide to building a house in ArcheAge

Guide to building a house in ArcheAgeFor anybody not a secret that in a MMROPG ArcheAge will have the opportunity to get your own house, and not just a house which is statically city or somewhere else, and you can build anywhere in the game world.

It is worth noting that the territory on which can be built a house, may be taxed, and it can destroy. Also in the game there are various styles, from Asian to European, which will give players some variety, so you have to plan your build, since the space for the fields, towers and fence you have to choose yourself.

A house which you have built to be demolished (the developers have not yet commented on the situation, so it’s possible in some cases to demolish the house will be possible. With crafting, there is a possibility to build a house. To create household items (tables, chairs etc), as well as for the production (machines, ovens etc). Using a special NPC has the ability to transform your home in a retail shop. Also the player can equip the space near the house (to plant trees, flowers).

Build your own house, you can use points of work and resources. It takes pretty long time and huge investment, but you will not regret it. Your house can’t be destroyed.

Houses can be built almost anywhere, but you probably would do well to take a place near the road or city, or at the source of a rare resource. Once you decide where to place it, you can buy a drawing from SPC. The drawing of the house cannot be edited, it can be purchased from the seller and to get the resources to build it.

XLGames want to add any special racial homes that vary in appearance, depending on the race for an open beta test. You start with the activation of the drawing and selecting a cursor location of Foundation in the center of your screen to move the frame of the house, pursuing your cursor. Also, after that you can choose the direction the door of the house and to lay the Foundation. To continue the construction you will need a large number of points of work and resources. However, you can speed up the process by setting a fee for work for others. After several visual stages of construction of the house, your house will be finished.

The acquisition and construction of the house

The land, installed a bogey is not the only property that a player can have in Archeage.

Most of the players tries to build a house, it’s not just a cute attribute, where you can relax, but also a useful component that is used as an individual player and family, Guild, for very useful purposes.