Physical and mechanical properties of ash

Physical and mechanical properties of ashProperties of wood that refers to hard and soft rocks.

Why, ash better than oak?

Among common domestic species of trees used in the manufacture of furniture the most known: spruce, pine, alder, beech, oak and ash. Maple, cherry, walnut, Apple used less often, due to a lower prevalence and the opportunity to obtain a high grade lumber.

On the basic mechanical properties – the hardness and density, the propensity to splitting from impact loads, the smooth surface of the wood in the process of grinding, all breeds are different.

Softwood is soft species: spruce density – 0.45 t/m3, pine – 0,52 t/m3. These rocks have low density in the dry state, prone to cracking under shock dinamicheskih loads.

Alder in the dry state has a density of 0.59 t/m3, it is easily worked and polished. This is an affordable and practical material, but the density of alder otnostitelno is low, the product of alder is not so massive.

Oak with a density of 0.69 t/m3, beech to 0.68 t/m3 and ash – 0,75 t/m3, is rock solid. How do they differ? All these rocks have high hardness and wear resistance, they are widely used for furniture, stairs and parquet. Beech and oak are after grinding a porous structure that is prone to cracking when hit. Oak – a huge tree vitality and longevity; it is the energy donor.

Ash indispensable where the desired hardness and resistance to shock loads. It has a beautiful grain similar to mahogany. In ancient times, ash made bows, spear shafts, fighting baton, in the present – sports equipment: skis, tennis rackets, oars, baseball bats, and handles for axes and hammers.

In resistance to deformation ash has no equal among domestic breeds.

The druids and the Norse ash most revered tree, it was used to make amulets. On the protective properties of the ash will not let negative energy vibrations to penetrate the atmosphere of your home. Traditionally, the ash is used for production of all important and sacred.

Now about our products, beds and furniture for the bedroom. This is the place where we spend a third of our lives, and get the most emotion in dreams and in reality.

Often offers affordable beds from pine, veneer and more expensive breeds. Beds made of pine and spruce are much cheaper than ash and oak.

The bed should be solid wood. This is the beauty of texture and energy. The especially oak and ash – the best options!

Pattern of wood ash. Ash has a structure similar to the structure of the oak: its main feature are the large pores, even larger than the oak. The color of the ash is lighter than oak, and has a strong structure.

The magical properties of the Ash. Ash — the tree of rebirth and renewal. It represents the connection of all, which is above with what is below, that is, the connection between the world of the gods and the human world, or material world with the spiritual world. In ash as if embodied the corridor between the inner world and the outer world. Bunches of the fruit of the ash, vaguely reminiscent of a bunch of keys, imply the power to open the door to the future.

In the mythology of different peoples of the ash plays a key role. Perhaps, only oak can compete with him in that regard. A collection of Norse mythological and heroic songs tells us that he created the Earth, the gods Odin, Vili and Be found two trees — ash and alder — and made them male and female. One breathed in plants soul and life, Vili — the mind and movement, a Be — the five senses. Thus appeared the first people — the ancestors of all mankind. Lithuanians called the ash tree of the righteous: when the gods came down to earth to decide the fate of the people, they gathered in the shade of lush ash.

Planted in the courtyard of the ash will clear space around you, eliminating all negative vibrations. Its protective properties ash somewhat similar to oak, so it also can be considered a universal tree. ash will be able not only to maintain energy cleanliness of your home, but do not give negative vibrations to penetrate the atmosphere of your home.