School furniture

School furnitureThe article discusses the requirements and criteria, development trends of industrial production of school furniture, as well as the problems faced by every Manager upon the purchase.

Production of school furniture -— this is a high-tech process available only to specialized facilities, not any furniture factory and the smaller workshop.

Reliability, durability, safety, modern design — these qualities are achieved only with the use of modern technologies and technological equipment of class — “professional”, according to the best world standards. Also need to be kept to the minimum necessary number of intermediaries in the chain ’s producer-consumer”.

To date, the main regulatory document governing the requirements for school furniture is a revised and updated — GOST 22046-02 «Furniture for educational institutions. The technical conditions” coming into force on 1 July 2003. In addition, types, functional sizes and requirements for school furniture defined in the following GOST: GOST 5994 — 93 Desks.

Table state standards for school furniture. Types and functional dimensions