A thin, invisible to the laws of entire universe is pervaded

A thin, invisible to the laws of entire universe is pervadedEvery object on a subtle level is associated with all other subjects. However, people live in this world, and have no idea how it works.

There are laws of energy of the surrounding space. According to them, if You just wrong to put the furniture at home, it can lead to a variety of problems: poor health, conflicts, losses in business.

Already five thousand years ago in India, people are thinking about how to set up your home in accordance with the laws of nature. It is believed that a house built according to Vastu rules, people will feel more comfortable, healthier, etc. the Rules of this science are for everyone, regardless of belonging to any nation or religion of the person

In the Vedic times to the house is treated as an individual, and he in gratitude for the love and care that was guarding the peace and life of their owners. Now, even in a person is not taken to see the person, and the means of achieving their selfish goals. Meanwhile, incorrectly designed home that Vedic architects described as a house with broken Vastu affects not only human health, but also on its financial position and success in business, and, needless to say, in a family atmosphere.

So, the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui is known under different names: Vastu Shastra, Vastu-Jnana, Vastu-Vidya or simply Vastu. The Sanskrit word Vastu means “place”, “a house, dwelling” or “room”. Shastra — this “science” and “treatise”. Vidya and Jnana — “knowledge”.

VASTU – not an archaism, its laws are not absolute and less popular these days than fifty centuries ago. Indian masters claim that listed in the classical texts Vastu principles have universal application; they are not imposed by either religious or geographical limitations. These principles can be adapted to modern conditions of life.

The science of Vastu primarily takes into account the energy radiated from the four cardinal directions, North, East, South and West. It is believed that the energy of the different sides of the world has a different effect on the human body. The main directions are: East and North.

Each direction is a sector of 45 degrees and has its God — patron and Lord. When designing a house and land should be made so that each area of the house and land was consistent with the properties it is their gods — the patrons. Then pacified the gods will ensure a peaceful life and prosperity to the house. This is the basic principle of Vastu. If you do not follow this principle, then the gods will be upset and residents will have is not easy.

In Vastu says that the whole world consists of five main elements: water, earth, air, sky and fire. These elements correspond to the directions. The whole secret of how and in what proportions, to balance these elements to be in harmony with nature.

Being an integral part of Vedic culture, Vastu among other factors, takes into account, above all, the impact on the consciousness and the human physiology of the sun, moon, time. When designing the house Indian sages recommended to take into account the position of the sun during the day. In each room the sun’s rays must be present at a certain time, because the activity of the human organism depends on the time of day. Different parts of the house should be in harmony with the moving sun and to meet the daily lives of people.

Each spatial direction and the illumination of various parts of the house affects human activity. Therefore, a particular occupation have to carry out in the appropriate room and to take into consideration the penetration of sunlight from sunrise in the East to sunset in the West. For example, the time most suitable for yoga, meditation and study, is the first morning hours. If the construction is not taken into account the rules of orientation, the inhabitants of such dwellings will be prone to worry and anxiety, vulnerable to diseases, and their lessons will not be quite fruitful.

The presence of the horoscope is very important to «Vastu Vidya» – to determine the opportune moment to start building a house, selects the most preferable place for the entrance or front door, set the day when to enter the house and to celebrate the housewarming. Analysis of the horoscope is for official owner of the house.

The ancient sages, the Rishis used the myth of the puruṣa, which is the approval of the action of invisible forces on the ground. It is the spirit or essence, representing the all-pervading life force, the energy that results from the interaction of different types of energies — solar energy, the energy of the planets and the earth’s magnetic field. According to Vastu, these energies influence all life, including at home. The placement, design and construction of houses in accordance with the effect of these cosmic forces. In homes where these energies interact harmoniously, a feeling of peace and a happy life becomes almost tangible.

Construction begins with site selection. In the Vedas it is said that the site should be chosen as carefully as a groom or a bride, because in the future the house will have a long life. Once the site is selected, it is necessary to purify and sanctify.

Before construction, the land should be plowed twelve ploughs with twelve oxen. This act has cosmic significance and is understood as the movement of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac. After the land is sown and the harvest is ripe, produce on the field to graze cows with calves, a beneficial presence purifies the earth. Cow, as a symbol of the caring and generous nature, particularly revered as sacred, and what they get from it – milk, yogurt, ghee (purified butter), urine and manure, widely used in daily rituals: milk and butter in the offerings to the gods, the dry manure as fuel, and urine as a disinfectant and protects from the dangers of liquid.

The door – this is the first contact with the house. The door facing East, brings glory, strength, helps dreams come true. The door facing to the North, ensures fertility and luck in everything. If you are not a lucky owner of one or another, not all is lost. Protective Yantra (diagram) attached to the door from either side, are very popular in India. At the front door at eye level to hang a picture of Lakshmi, Ganesha or OM that stop at the entrance of evil spirits and negative energy.

The Central part of the apartment and the area is under the patronage of the God Brahma — Creator of the world. In India it is called Brahmasthan or just Brahma. Vastu is not recommended to download Brahmasthan furniture, set columns and even more to do there toilets or storage rooms. Brahmasthan should be open space. In a private home this can be the space of the patio, and the apartment in this place you can have a family altar.

If your house or apartment everything is already wrong, and nothing can alter, don’t despair. Just put God in the center of his life. He already plays a Central role in our lives, but we cannot see it. If by spiritual knowledge and practice, we will feel His presence, then the spiritual energy will spread in all directions and purify the whole atmosphere. Of course, God you want to serve, and not just use the icon as a lightning rod. He is Lord, is Lord and we are His servants. If in our relationship with Him will reign harmony, then the material factors will recede into the background, because the matter is secondary. Following the rules of Vastu, people gradually change their hearts and gradually turns to God.

Vastu will not change Your destiny. Simply Your life will become easier, thanks to the newfound harmony and peace of mind. Fate always wins, but Vastu helps to reduce the number of difficulties. Therefore, follow the advice of Vastu and open the gates to a healthy, happy and filled with prosperity life.