A LITTLE "ON FURNITURE"The company PROFFBAR trying to progress and develop. At the moment we are actively working in this direction, as utensils for catering establishments. We fill their range of kitchenware leading manufacturers in the world. By purchasing our tables, we will gladly help You to decorate their glasses, plates, spoons, forks and other equipment necessary for serving tables.

It is impossible to imagine everyday life without tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, but it was not always so! A long time ago when our ancestors first began to create in their caves any comfort, they had no idea about the furniture.

Years went by, the human mind has evolved and our lives became “Fashion”. People began to think of furniture for a trendy interior, tried to combine the great and unique design, with the convenience and comfort. Due to this, arriving at the cafe, restaurant or bar we aren’t sitting on the stone, and the beautiful and comfortable chairs, supplemented by tables. The furniture has a huge range and it can be divided into many segments. To furniture catering establishments include:

Metal chairs

The chairs have metal, welded frame and upholstered seat. Since the chairs have have high strength, they are ideal for cafes, food courts, cafeterias and bars. Chairs with metal frame, in turn, are divided into two subspecies:

Chrome chairs with fashionable in our time, the hard-chromed plated, the chairs are among the most popular in its segment. Chrome plating gives the metal more resistant to corrosion, which is indispensable in canteens and clubs. In assortment of our company is a very large selection of chairs with chrome frame, you will definitely find the right model for your restaurant or small cafe.

Chairs with painted frame chairs frame which is covered with powder paint. While manufacturing these chairs are used only high-quality paint, which in consequence will not be stripped and fall off.

Wooden chairs

So it wound up that wooden chairs accentuate the fact that you came in a respectable institution. Usually chairs that are made of wood, equipped with restaurants, cafes and bars. Chairs betray the intelligence school, adorn and complement the interior. In the 19th century was considered . that wooden chair shows the high status of their owner.

Bar stools

These chairs recently began its existence. Before bars, with high shelves weren’t aimed at a long finding in them their clients, but over time the intention was somehow to keep them at a counter. Since the shelves were high, and had to increase the standard chairs. Thus appeared usual bar stools .


Cafes, restaurants, bars will not be able to do without tables. Firstly, people will not understand and will go to a nearby diner! And secondly where to put the food? In our assortment you will be able to find tables for every taste: wood, metal, plastic, or due to the large range of worktops and podstolem, to assemble the table by your personal imagination.

Upholstered furniture

Nowadays sofas and chairs is an integral part of many eating establishments. Sitting on the big sofa is very nice to relax, meet with their family and friends, relax from the daily bustle. For most people, the presence of tables with sofas is one of the deciding factors when choosing an institution. We are ready to choose the furniture for your establishment or to produce it on request, based on your wishes and imagination.

All listed above furniture you can find in our assortment.

We can offer You a huge selection of models made of different materials and matching different institutions, be it a restaurant, bar or cafe. Also make furniture to order. Our managers will gladly help You in the selection of furniture, will advise on the quality of the product and advise that it is better suited to Your interior.

A little more about our range:

Also in our assortment you can find ready-made dining group, composed of designers. All groups have a large selection of colors.

Ready to help in the production of bar counters, Your requirements and designs, or to offer their own versions of the existing ones.

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